6 Tips to Getting Soft and Beautiful Hands

Almost everything you do throughout your day involves your hands. Whether you are comforting a child, writing a letter, baking a cake, or building a bookshelf, your hands are doing it all. When you consider everything that your hands do, what do you do for them? When was the last time you pampered your hands? It doesn’t take much effort, but if you consistently care for your hands, you can keep them looking soft, pretty and young.

Get Manicures. In addition to helping you keep your hands healthy, manicures can make your hands feel great and look amazing. Just by updating your polish colour, you can completely change the look of your hands. You could even try a Naked Manicure by Zoya which can provide you with instant, gorgeous, natural looking nails while also giving your nails positive health benefits.

Moisturize your hands. Dry skin is one of the worst culprits for making your hands look weathered and old. By using a quality moisturizer a few times a day, you can keep them soft and smooth. A great way to get soft hands is to slather them with moisturizer and then put them in gloves overnight.

Protect your hands. So many of us do little to protect our hands and then wonder why they are in such rough shape. Keep your hands warm by wearing mittens when you are out in winter weather. Also, always use gentle soaps when washing your hands. When doing dishes, wear rubber gloves to prevent yourself from getting those awful dishpan hands!

Apply sunscreen. There’s no denying it; brown spots and freckles on the backs of your hands are just not pretty. However, they are easily avoided by putting sunscreen on your hands when you are going out in the sun.

Make it a daily routine. The best way to take care of your hands is to do a little bit each day. Push your cuticles back, trim and file your nails, and touch up your polish. Just a few minutes of daily attention will make a huge difference in how your hands look.

Treat injuries immediately. Since we use our hands so much, they are more likely to get injured and if left untreated, those injuries are more likely to become infected. Make it a habit to check your hands for injuries and if you find one, apply antibacterial cream and a bandage. This will help it heal and get your hands looking pretty again.

Most of us are so busy that we rarely spend any time looking after ourselves but if you pamper your hands a little bit each day, they will thank you for it.