How to Make Your Skin Glow

We’ve all seen them…the people that you love to hate because their skin just radiates when they walk into a room. While you may not believe it now, you could have skin like that. The truth is that skin that glows is actually just skin that has been cared for properly. Do you want beautiful, smooth skin with a natural glow? Here are five ways to get it:

Get a facial. If the skin on your face is dry and requires exfoliation, a facial is a great place to start. It will leave the skin on your face feeling pampered and fresh. Ooh, La, La offers great facial deals in Milton including pigmentation facials and anti-aging facials. These facials will rejuvenate your skin and make you look younger.

Run a humidifier. With winter on its way, we are about to face a few months of cold and dry air. Run a humidifier in your room at night to keep your skin hydrated.

Use natural products. Pay careful attention to the ingredient list of any products that you put on your skin, especially on your face. Use products that are as natural as possible and avoid anything with colour, fragrance, or that is labelled as anti-bacterial as these products will irritate and age your skin.

Watch your diet. Some of that natural glow of the skin actually comes from the inside. It is important that you eat a healthy and balanced diet and that you avoid too much sugar, salt, fat and caffeine.

Get enough rest. They call it beauty rest for a reason. If you are tired, it is going to be visible on your face. Make sure that you set aside enough time for you to both relax and get all the sleep that you need.

Be vigilant. Stress, sun, and smoke are three of the biggest enemies of beautiful skin. You need to protect your skin from these invaders. Do what you can to reduce your stress, whether that means making changes in your life or taking up meditation. Protect your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen and try to avoid or limit any exposure to smoke.

We all need a makeover every once in a while. If you spend a little time to take care of your skin, it will become your best feature. When you have smooth and soft skin, it reflects the light making you look stunning when you’re not even wearing any makeup. So go get that facial and it won’t take long before you are turning heads.