Be Your Own Valentine

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s important you take the time to celebrate the most important person in your life: yourself! Too often, we focus all of our attention on others and tend to neglect our own happiness. This February, take the time to indulge, relax and woo yourself with some of Ooh La La Boutique’s premier spa services.

Happy Valentine's Day

Facial Treatments

Few things say decadence quite like a facial or a day spent lounging at the spa. This Valentine’s day treat yourself to an experience you might otherwise pass up, because of work, kids or any of the other reasons we tend to put ourselves on the bottom of the perpetual totem pole. Ooh Lala Boutique in Milton has several nourishing facial packages, specifically tailored with your skin’s individual needs in mind. You take care of so many people, let us take care of you for once as you soak up some much needed “me time”. The benefits of taking time to practice self-love is reflected not only in how you look, but more importantly in how it makes you feel. After an hour of uninterrupted pampering you’re guaranteed to leave feeling like a happier, more rejuvenated version of yourself.


Though we deserve to be treated like a princess 24 hours of the day, often if feels like we have 24 hours to do 48 hours worth of work. Because of this, some beauty regimes get pushed aside. Our nails are involved in some of life’s grimiest tasks and take quite the beating from day to day. What’s most discouraging, is after we paint our nails they seem chipped within the hour. Life just always seems to get in the way of having a flawless manicure. Thankfully, there’s Shellac. Applied just like a regular polish and set using UV light, shellac can last up to 14 days and is much harder than stander nail polish. It can stand the abuse you put your hands through on the daily and looks great doing it.

Curative Age Defying Facial

The stress of taking care of others can leave us looking older than we actually feel. As the years roll by, tiny lines become deeper, dark circles become more noticeable and we lose that effervescent, youthful glow. Ooh Lala Boutiques Curative Age Defying Facial, diminishes the look of fine lines and leaves you feeling fresh faced and vibrant. Though your smile lines may be an indication of a life well lived, being able to treat them is a reminder of all the great things to still come.

This Valentine’s day, take an hour or two to celebrate self-love. Put yourself first for once, and book an appointment at Ooh Lala Boutique today.

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